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Molecular and Cellular Biology - Rosen Lab

Houston, Texas

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Rosen Lab
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Lena Kabotyanski, Ph.D.

Lena Kabotyanski, Ph.D.

Project Description:

One of the major goals of our laboratory is to understand the mechanisms by which hormones and growth factors regulate normal mammary gland development and how these same signaling pathways become altered in breast cancer. Specific interest has been placed upon studying the mechanisms by which the lactogenic hormones, prolactin and glucocorticoids, regulate milk protein gene expression.

In our study we focused on mechanism of hormonal regulation of ß-casein gene expression in normal mammary epithelial cells. Using ChIP assays, we determined the dynamics of recruitment/occupancy of transcription factors Stat5, GR, C/EBPß and YY-1 at the hormonally activated ß-casein proximal promoter and distal enhancer which is 6 kb upstream of the transcription start site. In addition, we investigated the recruitment of p300, which is involved in ß-casein expression and possesses post-translational modification activity. We also studied the dynamics of histone acetylation and established the time course of RNA Pol II and phosphorylated RNA Pol II accumulation at both regulatory regions of the hormonally activated ß-casein gene. Using a chromosome conformation capture (3C) assay and quantitative real-time PCR, we have demonstrated that the hormonally activated ß-casein proximal promoter and distal enhancer communicate with each other through the direct physical interactions forming a chromatin loop. The communication between these regulatory regions with intervening DNA looping is a critical step required to both create and maintain active chromatin domains and regulate transcription.

  • Joined Lab: October 1996
  • Position: Research Associate
  • Degrees: BA, Altay State University (Russia), 1982
    Ph.D., Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1986


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