Martin Luther King Day

Baylor College of Medicine will be closed on Monday, Jan. 18 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


Instrumentation and Technology


The laboratory for Translational Genomics offers wide range of next generation sequencing and microarray processing options.


  • Illumina Nextseq 550
  • Covaris E220 shearing instrument


  • Illumina iScan
  • TECAN Freedom EVO Automated sample handling
  • Quality Check and Quantitation:
  • Agilent Tapestation 4200: Nucleic Acid quality assurance
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100: Nucleic Acid quality assurance
  • Bio-Rad Experion analyzer – Nucleic Acid Quality assurance
  • NanoDrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific) - Nucleic Acid Quality Assurance
  • Invitrogen Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometers - Nucleic Acid Quality Assurance
  • TECAN Spark 10M Plate Reader

Other Instruments

  • BluPippin HT for automated size selection of nucleic acid samples
  • Roche light cycler qPCR