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The Genetically Engineered Mouse (GEM) Core possesses specialized expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for providing essential mouse services to all investigators at Baylor College of Medicine and collaborative investigators of other institutes. Specifically, GEM Core microinjects mouse ES cells, transgene DNA constructs, and CRISPR sgRNA/Cas9/donor DNA into mouse embryos to generate genetically engineered founder mice.

GEM Core also performs cryopreservation of mouse embryos and sperm for long-term storage of mouse lines; mouse line rederivation to remove pathogen contamination, re-establish mouse colony, or help importation of mouse lines into the Baylor facilities; in vitro fertilization; and mouse colony expansion.

Although GEM Core can directly accept ES cells and CRISPR sgRNA/Cas9/donor DNA samples from investigators for microinjection, there is a separate mouse ES Cell Core that provides services for genetic manipulation of ES cells and preparation of CRISPR sgRNA/Cas9 samples for investigators. The GEM Core and the ES cell Core work closely to provide the best services.

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