Clinical Research Center Resources and Services


The CRC is staffed by dedicated acute care nurses specially trained to perform complex research studies. CRC nurses are crossed trained on all CRC studies. Below are the list of resources and services:

  • Vital signs, height and weight measurement
  • Observation
  • Assistance with physical examinations
  • Central/peripheral line access and site care
  • Investigational drug administration
    • Chemotherapy by chemo certified nurses
    • Stable isotope infusion
    • Gene therapy
    • Vaccine
    • Plasma transfusion
    • Other as needed by study
  • Adverse event management
  • Subject teaching
  • Patient meal services
  • Language & translation service
  • Vascular access team
  • Refrigerated centrifuge and -80°C freezer
  • Specimen collection and processing
    • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics  support
    • Phlebotomy and blood sampling per protocol
    • Urine Pregnancy Tests
    • 24-hour Urine Collection
    • Blood Glucose Monitoring
    • Ketone monitoring
  • Specialized testing
    • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
    • IV Glucose Tolerance Test
    • 12 Lead Electrocardiogram
    • Holter monitoring
    • Assistance with skin and fat biopsy
  • Creation of nursing orders and flowsheet
  • Detailed feasibility process
  • Standard medical supplies
  • Collaboration with pathology, radiology, pharmacy, and other departments as applicable
  • Investigational pharmacy
  • Standard clinical support services - laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, pathology, etc.
  • Internet access is available in the CRC and in other BCM-affiliated hospitals
  • Emergency care and accommodations - As part of the hospital, emergency services are immediately available. Emergency services are also available in other BCM-affiliated hospitals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week