Metabolic Treadmill Request and Use Procedures

  • E-mail Dr. Fiorotto, with your request and specify: date(s), time(s), how long you wish to use it for, and if you need training.
  • Discuss with Dr. Fiorotto the exercise protocol you wish to use and how it can be accomplished using our equipment and arrange to be trained to operate it.
  • Obtain IACUC approval for the exercise protocol you wish to use. 
    • Because you cannot access the mouse during the test, you should include the electrical stimulation in your description.
  • Before doing your test, the mice should be acclimated to running on the treadmill so that they do not injure themselves. They then should be allowed to rest at least 2 d before being tested.
  • Once you are ready to perform the test, MMRU staff will set up the Oxymax-treadmill assembly to perform the tests.
  • The metabolic treadmill is operated in conjunction with the Oxymax system and is booked using an MMRU Request form.