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Bone Disease Program of Texas

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
Bone Disease Program - BCM Participants
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Bone Histology/Immunohistochemistry Core

The core is directed by Dr. Brendan Lee and located in the Margaret Alkek Building for Biomedical Research at Baylor College of Medicine, Room R872. This core facility provides high quality histological services and is available to assist investigators in the bone disease program, as well as, researchers working with animal bone-related tissues.

Our facility utilizes a Lecia CM3050S cryostat attached with Cryo-Jane Tape Transfer system. The Cryo-Jane Tape-Transfer system is designed to produce paraffin-quality frozen sections as thin as 2 microns that are wrinkle-free, uncompressed, fully intact and bonded to the microscope slide in less than 3 minutes. This process makes use of snap-frozen tissue to minimize damage by ice crystals and preserves virtually all fine structure present in the snap-frozen block of tissue. Water-soluble enzymes, antigens and labeling proteins (GFP) are also preserved in-situ, and with appropriate fixation and staining, true localization of enzyme and antigen activity can be visualized. This equipment is especially useful for preparing frozen sections of fat, bone marrow, undecalcified bone and skin samples.

Available services include:

  • Processing and sectioning of paraffin-embedded specimens
  • Processing and sectioning of frozen tissues (in OCT)
  • Cryo-Jane Tape transfer sectioning
  • H&E etc routing staining for bone and cartilage
  • Immunohistochemical / immunofluorescence staining
  • Consultation and Staining for immunohistochemistry
  • Training investigators and staff
  • Consultation with histology personnel
  • Protocol development for tissue collection and processing
  • TUNEL Assay
  • Assistance with FISH/ISH assays

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Contact Information

Ming-Ming Jiang, M.S.
Phone: 713-798-3548

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