Research Oversight supports the efforts and recognizes the commitment of researchers in today’s research environment. We are able to facilitate and enhance outstanding research by anticipating the needs and responding effectively by providing centralized offices and integrated infrastructure. We are committed to providing the fundamental elements and compliance guidance that enable successful growth of our basic and clinical research environment.

College Specific Research Resources and Contact Information

Institutional Review Board: Human research protocols - (713) 798-6970

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: Animal research protocols - (713) 798-6966

Institutional Biosafety Committee: rDNA, hazardous chemicals, gene transfer, animal biosafety - (713) 798-1578

Research Conflict of Interest: Research conflict of interest reporting questions or problems - (713) 798-8826

Research Compliance Services: Reporting any research compliance concerns in confidence  - (713) 798-4223

Committee on Scientific Integrity: Reporting concerns involving research misconduct - (713) 798-6983