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Baylor Licensing Group

Department Contacts

The following is a list of Baylor Licensing Group contacts listed by departments or center. Please contact the representative associated with your area for licensing assistance.

Anesthesiology: Terese Rakow

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Mercy Chen

Breast Center (Lester & Sue Smith): Terese Rakow

Molecular and Cell Biology: Lisa Beveridge

Center for Educational Outreach: Mercy Chen

Center for Cell and Gene Therapy: Mercy Chen

Center for Comparative Medicine: Mercy Chen

Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy: Mercy Chen

Center for Reproductive Medicine: Mercy Chen

Center for Small Molecule Discovery: Brian Phillips

Dermatology: Brian Phillips

Family & Community Medicine: Brian Phillips

Huffington Center for Aging: Mercy Chen

Human Genome Sequencing Center: Mercy Chen

Immunology: Brian Phillips

Medicine (most sections): Mercy Chen

Medicine, Center of Endocrinology: Terese Rakow

Molecular Physiology and Biophysics: Terese Rakow

Molecular Virology and Microbiology: Mercy Chen

Molecular and Human Genetics: Terese Rakow

Neurology: Lisa Beveridge

Neuroscience: Lisa Beveridge

Neurosurgery: Lisa Beveridge

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Brian Phillips

Ophthalmology: Terese Rakow

Orthopedic Surgery: Lisa Beveridge

Otolarynglolgy: Terese Rakow

Pathology and Immunology: Brian Phillips

Pediatrics: Brian Phillips

Pharmacology: Brian Phillip

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Brian Phillips

Psychiatry: Lisa Beveridge

Radiology: Brian Phillips

School of Tropical Medicine: Brian Phillips

Surgery: Lisa Beveridge

Urology: Brian Phillips