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If you have developed something new which is useful to you, it might also be useful to others and should be submitted as a disclosure to our office. Examples of such disclosures include, but are not limited to; a new pharmaceutical agent, cell line, clone, vector, living organism (such as a knock-out mouse), instrument, diagnostic test, medical implant or device, surgical instrument, manufacturing process, or software.

Initiate the Disclosure Process

To begin the process, complete the technology disclosure form and submit it to Baylor Licensing Group. Make sure to obtain all the necessary signatures from the developer(s) and department chair.

Life Cycle of a Technology Disclosure

This flowchart demonstrates the activity of our office from receipt of a disclosure through the decision process regarding that disclosure. The end goal is to license the technology to an industry partner. A patent may be applied for if it is necessary to interest a licensee. Often, it is not necessary to patent a technology in order to license it.