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Baylor Licensing Group

About Us

The Baylor Licensing Group maximizes the impact of research at Baylor College of Medicine through commercial relationships that lead to the development of new products and services that benefit patients and the public. Technology commercialization is a natural extension of the college's research program. Without commercial relationships, much of the promising research conducted by College faculty will never have the opportunity to impact and improve healthcare. We're here to catalyze those relationships and make them happen.

We're passionate about what we do and we want to see Baylor College of Medicine have a strong impact on the next generation of biomedical technologies that will improve patient's lives.

Disclose Your Technology

If you're a Baylor College of Medicine faculty member and you've generated a technology that solves an unresolved problem or addresses an unmet need, and you think it may have commercial potential, please disclose it. Technology disclosures typically revolve around new therapeutic molecules or methods, devices, diagnostics, vaccines, cell-based therapies, animal models, cell lines, antibodies, clones, software, smart phone applications, and educational materials. For certain types of technologies that may require patenting in order to be commercialized (typically therapeutics, devices, and vaccines), it is important that you disclose this technology to us prior to any public presentation of the data via a manuscript, poster, abstract, or oral presentation. If this has already occurred, please complete your disclosure to us as soon as possible.

Technology Disclosure Information

When you disclose a technology, you'll be asked to supply basic information around the following items: 

  • Individuals who developed the technology
  • Funding sources used to develop it
  • Description of technology

You may begin the submission process and save your partially-submitted disclosure form for later completion.

Your BLG Project Manager will work with you to assess the appropriate route to commercialize your technology and part of that process will involve a determination of whether filing a patent application is necessary to realize the commercial value of your disclosed invention.