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Angelman Syndrome tests available.

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Diagnostic Testing Familial Mutation/Variant Analysis Mutation Testing General Population Prenatal Diagnosis Presymptomatic Testing
Methylation Analysis Angelman Syndrome Methylation Analysis
Test Code: 6006
Sequence Analysis UBE3A Sequence Analysis
Test Code: 6007

We recommend Angelman Syndrome Methylation analysis (test #6006) to rule out deletion, uniparental disomy, or imprinting effects prior to UBE3A sequence analysis. The use of the methylation assay is not recommended for fetal samples.  If the mutation to be tested in this individual is one previousl
UBE3A Sequence Analysis
Test Code: 6073

This test can only be performed if there is a previously identified familial mutation.
UBE3A Sequence Analysis
Test Code: 6072

We require that the referring center consult with our laboratory genetic counselors regarding prenatal cases prior to submitting any samples. Please call 1-800-411-4363.