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Lysosomal Acid Lipase Analysis
Test Information: This test provides enzymatic analysis of Acid Lipase for Confirmation of Clinical Diagnosis.

Acid Lipase is deficient in Wolman Disease and/or Cholesteryl Ester Storage Disease.
Test Details
Test Code: 4503
Special Notes: The Preferred Sample Type for this assay is White Blood Cells (#4504). This test can also be performed on Liver (#4502).

Results from this test are not useful for Carrier Testing. Please note, carriers may have Acid Lipase levels in the normal range.
Technical Information
Methodology: White blood cells are prepared from whole blood. The radio labeled substrate glycerol trioleate is used in the enzyme assay. This natural substrate is preferred as no additional Lalistat inhibition is required as in fluorometric enzyme assay due to interference from other lipases in the specimen.
Gene Name: LIPA
Protein Name: Lysosomal acid lipase/cholesteryl ester hydrolase
Test Type: Enzyme Analysis
References Values or Ranges: Normal Range:50-220
pmol/min/mg protein
Sample & Shipping Information
Test Requisition: Biochemical
Specimen Type: Skin Fibroblast Culture
Requirements: Send 2 T25 flasks at 60-80% confluence.
Shipping Conditions: Ship at room temperature in an insulated container by overnight courier. Do not heat or freeze.

Turn Around Time: 21 days
Billing Information
List Price: *For Insurance or Institutional Prices, please call.
CPT Codes: 82658 x 1, 84157 x 1, 88233 x 2, 88240 x 1

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