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Phenylalanine Determination - Blood Spot
Test Information: This test provides quantitative analysis of Tyrosine and Phenylalanine in Plasma.

This test is useful for the diagnosis and management of patients with PKU.
Test Details
Test Code: 4120
Technical Information
Methodology: HPLC Amino Acid Analyzer
References Values or Ranges: Normal Range for:
Phenylalanine: 30 - 86 micromoles/L
Tyrosine: 41 micromoles/L
Sample & Shipping Information
Test Requisition: Phenylalanine Determination - Blood Spot
Specimen Type: Blood Spot
Requirements: Dried blood spot specimens should be collected by carefully applying a few drops of blood, freshly drawn by finger stick with a lancet from children or adults, or by heel stick with a lancet from infants, onto specially manufactured absorbent specimen collection (filter) paper. The blood should be allowed to thoroughly saturate the paper and air dried for a minimum of 3 hours. Caked or clotted specimens are not acceptable and should not be shipped. Clearly label all samples with patient name, date of birth, and date of sample collection. Samples not clearly labeled will not be accepted for analysis.

Shipping Conditions: Ship at room temperature in an insulated container by overnight courier to arrive within 36 hours of collection. Do not heat or freeze.

Turn Around Time: 8 days
Billing Information
List Price: *For Insurance or Institutional Prices, please call.
CPT Codes: 84030 x 1, 84510 x 1

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