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Genetic Laboratory
Medical Genetics Laboratories
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MGL Shipping Kit Request

These kits are meant for shipment at room temperature only. Please refer to each specific test for appropriate shipping conditions.

For international shipping kit requests, please email

If you would like to fax in your request, please use the pdf version of this form and fax the completed form to Client Services: 713-798-2787.

* = REQUIRED. Please answer the required questions or the form will not submit properly.

Select from Kits or A La Carte


All kits contain these items: insulation shell, insulation shell cover, foam insert with cavities for vials & kit accessories, absorbent material, Parafilm, specimen labels, plastic biohazard bag, FedEx Clinical Pak w/prepaid FedEx Airbill, sample requisition, and instructions.

Select quantity of kit(s) desired.

Name Quantity
includes 1 (6ml) purple-top tube and 1 (4ml) green-top tube
DNA (Molecular)/Mitochondrial
includes 2 (6ml) purple-top tubes
includes 3 (15ml) blue-top tubes
Prenatal CMA
includes 3 (15ml) blue-top tubes and 2 (6ml) purple-top tubes
BRCA1/2 Counsyl - Blood and Saliva
includes 1 (4ml) purple-top tube and saliva kit
Cancer Molecular Studies - Blood and Bone Marrow
includes 2 (6ml) purple-top tubes
Cyto Net
includes 2 (10ml) purple-top tubes with (CCD05 (CGCK)) specially prepared labels
Cancer Cytogenetic Studies - Blood and Bone Marrow
includes 2 (4ml) green-top tubes
Hereditary Cancer Studies - Blood
includes 2 (6ml) purple-top tubes
Cancer Molecular and Cytogenetic Studies - Paraffin Blocks/Slides
includes 2 slide boxes capable of holding 5 slides each
Comprehensive Cancer Specimen Kit
includes 2 (6ml) purple-top tubes, 2 (4ml) green-top tubes, and 2 slide boxes capable of holding 5 slides each
Mitochondrial/Metabolic (MitoMet®) Microarray Analysis
includes 1 (6ml) purple-top tube
Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)
includes 3 (6ml) purple-top tubes

A la Carte

FedEx Supplies

Name Quantity
FedEx Clinical Pak(s)
FedEx Airbill(s) ONLY - Prenatal (Priority Overnight with Saturday Delivery)
FedEx Airbill(s) ONLY - Standard (Standard Overnight Delivery)


Name Quantity
Shipping Box(es) for Bulk Shipping
Absorbent Material ONLY
Biohazard Bag(s) - Plastic ONLY
Parafilm Square(s) ONLY
EDTA (Purple-Top) Tube(s) ONLY
Sodium Heparin (Green-Top) Tube(s) ONLY
Empty 15ml Conical Tube(s) ONLY
15ml Conical Tube(s) of CVS Transport Media ONLY
Counsyl Purple-Top Tubes ONLY
Verifi Test Streck Tubes ONLY