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Add-on Test Information

Test Revision Authorization Form (TRAF)

What is an "Add-on Test" request?

An "Add-on Test" is a request to add a test code to a previously tested patient sample. The patient sample is "in-house", already at Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories. In general, additional tests may be ordered on extracted DNA at any time.

Is a new patient sample required?

Depending on the sample requirement, no, a new sample may not be required. The "Add-on Test" will be performed on the patient sample "in-house", already at BMGL.

May I add a test to an in-house prenatal sample?

We allow test additions to in-house prenatal samples, only if a BMGL counselor has approved the addition.

What should be considered when requesting an "Add-on Test"?

  1. If ordering physician and/or payment method has changed, please submit a new requisition form found on our Requisition and Consent Forms page and specify "in-house" as the specimen type.
  2. For Institutional Billing:
    Please note that the "Add-on Test" request MUST include a signature authorization from the party to be billed.
    Physicians, counselors, and medical professionals, please route your requests through your institutional Send-Out Department, which initially handled the patient sample. An "Add-on Test" CANNOT be properly billed, if the institutional Send-out Department has not accessioned the sample. For your convenience, use the Test Revision Authorization Form (TRAF).

How do I order an "Add-on Test"?

Ordering an "Add-on Test" is easy. Simply complete and FAX the Test Revision Authorization Form (TRAF) to 713-798-2787.

How do I know my "Add-on Test" request has been received and is being processed?

Confirmation of receipt will be provided within 48 hours of your "Add-on Test" request. In order to receive confirmation of receipt, please provide your e-mail address and/or phone number in the section indicated on the Test Revision Authorization Form (TRAF).

Will I be notified if there is inadequate and/or insufficient sample to perform my "Add-on Test" request?

In the event that the existing sample is inadequate and/or insufficient to perform the "Add-on Test" request, phone and/or email notification will be provided within 72 hours after the add-on request has been received. Please note, a cancellation report can be provided upon request.

For any other questions regarding "Add-on Tests", please contact our Client Services Department at 1-800-411-GENE (4363).

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