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Dr. Huda Y. Zoghbi, M.D., Principal Investigator
Elsa Perez, BBA, Administrtive Assistant
Alanna McCall, BS, Lab Manager
Jacqueline Bridgeman, IDDRC & Fragile X Administrator
    In alphabetical order:  

Bondar,Vitaliy, Graduate Student
Chen, Chun-An, Graduate Student
Chen, Lin, Post-doc
DeMaio, Antonia, Graduate Student
Gennarino, Vincenzo, Post-doc
Han, Kihoon, Post-doc
Heckman, Laura, Graduate Student
Holder, Jr, Jimmy L., Instructor
Huang, Wei-Hsiang, Graduate Student
Ishida, Aya, Post-doc
Jafar-Nejad, Paymaan, Post-doc
Lasagna-Reeves, Cristian, Post-doc
Liu, Xiuyun (Julia), Research Technician
Lombardi, Laura, Post-doc
Lu, Hsiang-Chih, Graduate Student
Lu, Hui, Post-doc
Lu, Nan, Post-doc
Kee, Sarah,HZ Graduate Student
Meng, XiangLing, Graduate Student
Parisky, Alexander, Medical Student
Park, Jeehye, Post-doc
Pohodich, Amy Elizabeth, M.D., Ph.D Student
Richman, Ronald, Research Technician
Rousseaux, Maxime, Post-doc
Sayegh, Layal, Research Technician
Sun, Yaling, Research Assistant
Sztainberg, Ezequiel, Post-doc
Tan, Qiumin, Post-doc
Ure, Kerstin, Post-doc
Wang, Li, Graduate Student
Wang, Wei, Research Associate
Xie, Wei (Rose), Graduate Student
Yeh, Szu-Ying (Sam), Graduate Student
Yin, Jiani (Jenny), Graduate Student
Yu, Peng, Post-doc




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