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  G. C. Schuster  

Gabriele C. Schuster, B.A., Research Associate

Phone: 713-798-3540

Joined the lab: August 2001


We generate genetically modified and gene-targeted animal models through the use of DNA and ES cell microinjection technologies.

For the production of conventional transgenic mice, we microinject cloned DNA into the pronucleus of a one-cell mouse embryo and transfer the injected embryos to a pseudopregnant recipient. After genotyping the mice we determine which animals express the transgene.

For the production of specific allele-targeted mice, we culture embryonic stem cells, electroporate the targeting vector DNA into embryonic stem cells, identify and select targeted clones by Southern blot or PCR. Correctly targeted clones are then microinjected into blastocysts for chimera production.


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