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  J. Liu  

Xiujun, Julia Liu, Research Assistant

Phone: 713-798-4993

Joined the lab: July 2006

B.S. of Biology   (Equivalent), Spantran National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc.

Project: Part of the Math 1 and Sca1 group


Selected publications:

1. Florent Elefteriou, Jong Deok Ahn, Shu Takeda, Michael Starbuck, Xiangli Yang, Xiuyun Liu, Hisataka Kondo, William G. Richards, Tony W. Bannon, Masaki Noda, Karine Clement, Christian Vaisse and Gerard Karsenty. Leptin regulation of bone resorption by the sympathetic nervous system and CART. Nature. 2005,, 434, 514–520.

2. F. Elefteriou, S. Takeda, K. Ebihara, J. Magre, N. Patano, C. Ae Kim, Y. Ogawa, X. Liu, S. M. Ware, W. J. Craigen, J. J. Robert, C. Vinson, K. Nakao, J. Capeau, and G. Karsenty. Serum leptin level is a regulator of bone mass. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004, vol. 101, no. 9: 3258-3263.

3. Florent Elefteriou, Shu Takeda, Xiuyun Liu, Dawna Armstrong and Gerard Karsenty. Monosodium Glutamate-Sensitive Hypothalamic Neurons Contribute to the Control of Bone Mass. Endocrinology. 2003, Vol. 144, No. 9: 3842-3847.

4. Shu Takeda, Florent Elefteriou, Regis Levasseur, Xiuyun Liu, Liping Zhao, Keith L. Parker, Dawna Armstrong, Patricia Ducy, and Gerard Karsenty. Leptin Regulates Bone Formation via the Sympathetic Nervous System. Cell. 2002, 111: 305-317.


Hobbies or interests:
Planting, swimming



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