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Zechiedrich Laboratory

Houston, Texas

Supercoils in architecture echo the structure of DNA.
Zechiedrich Lab
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Huan Ting (Tim) Chang

Undergraduate Student
01/2012 – present

Rice University
Phone: 713 798 5127
Fax: 713 798 7375

Research Interests

My current goal in this lab is to understand how newly identified SNPs in the Escherichia coli pangenome affect fluoroquinolone resistance. I have also worked with utilizing DNA minivectors as a prophylaxis against Influenza A, and I will continue to learn about the uses of DNA minivectors as a vehicle for gene therapy.


Ronald McDonald House Charity Asian Scholarship-2011
Gee Family Association Education Fund Scholarship-2011
Gordon R. West Scholarship -2011-2012
Rice University President's Honor Roll-2012

Published Abstracts

1.Bakkalbasi, E., Chang, HT., MacHado A., Gilbert BE., Zechidrich, L., “Highly minimized RNAi vectors targeting Influenza A packaging signals as an aerosolized influenza prophylaxis” (2012) Molecular Basis of Infectious Disease Retreat, Houston, TX. Poster

2.Chang, HT., Bakkalbasi, E., MacHado A., Gilbert BE., Zechidrich, L., “RNA interference against the conserved Influenza PB1 viral packaging signal using minivector DNA” (2012) Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium, Houston, TX. Poster

3.Evangelista, M, Bodine T.J., Swick M., Carlson K.M, Chang HT, Barth P., Hamill R.J., Sucgang R., Zechiedrich L., "Pangenomic Analysis of Genetic Variants in gyrA, mutM, ligB, and recG Associated with Fluoroquinolone Resistance" (2012) General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, San Francisco, CA. Poster