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Zechiedrich Laboratory

Houston, Texas

Supercoils in architecture echo the structure of DNA.
Zechiedrich Lab
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Gene Therapy and Minivector DNA

During our research into DNA structure and topology, our group has developed a new class of minimized circular DNA vectors called Minivector DNA. Minivector DNAs can be ordered at Twister Biotech. Containing only a promoter and open reading frame, these DNA vectors are devoid of the large size and bacterial sequences that hamper plasmid DNA as a viable non-viral gene therapy vector. We synthesize milligram quantities of Minivector DNA as small as 200 bp, and have transfected a variety of difficult human cell lines, including suspension lymphoma cells. Currently, we are exploring the use of Minivector DNA as an expression vector for gene replacement in cell culture and animal models for human genetic diseases.

Current Lab Members Working on This Project



  • 2010-2013 Human Frontier Science Program
  • 2011-2013 Seattle Children's Research Hospital (through NIH)
  • 2012-2014 John S. Dunn Foundation Collaborative Research Award