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Zechiedrich Laboratory

Houston, Texas

Supercoils in architecture echo the structure of DNA.
Zechiedrich Lab
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Bayou City Winds

Bayou City Wind Quintet: Vani Rajendron, clarinet, Steve Spencer, bassoon, Brian Briones, oboe,
Lynn Zechiedrich, flute, and Mark Collado, horn.

In 2000, the woodwind principals of the Texas Medical Center Orchestra (formerly Doctors Orchestra of Houston) formed the Bayou City Winds. The original members were Dr. Brenda Bohnsack, M.D., Ph.D., oboe, Dr. Michiya Nishino, M.D., Ph.D., clarinet, Steve Spencer, bassoon, and Lynn Zechiedrich, Ph.D., flute.

The group is active in the Houston community, playing for retirement communities, charity events, medical community events, weddings, TMC events, museums, churches, before Houston Symphony concerts, and many other venues.