About the Lab

Our research interests center on the biology apoptosis and DNA damage. We specialize in multifunctional molecular probes which employ energy transfer, DNA-machines, nano-oscillators, bio-molecular chimeras, luminous fullerene and nanotube labels, isothermal amplification, exosomes.

Our currently funded projects deal with non-canonical cell death, efferocytosis, exosomes, and mRNA-based markers of cellular stress and injury. The main clinical models we use include stroke and glioblastoma.


The following a current project studies for the Didenko Lab

  • FRET probes for analysis of serpin-mediated apoptosis in focal brain ischemia
  • Imaging mRNA turnover in P-bodies and its application to brain ischemia
  • Express assay for specific fluorescence imaging of apoptosis via phosphatase-assisted topoligation

Areas of Research Interest

  • Apoptosis and DNA damage
  • FRET probes, molecular machines
  • Glioblastoma
  • Stroke