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Tsai Laboratory

Houston, Texas

BCM is an internationally respected medical and research institution known for excellence in education, research and patient care.
Francis Tsai
not shown on screen


DALI Server (Liisa Holm)
EM Navigator (Electron Microscopy data Navigator)
Entrez-Nucleotide (GenBank)
Evolutionary Trace Server (Cambridge University)
ExPASy (Proteomics tools and database)
Heavy Atom Databank (Cancer Research UK)
HIC-Up (Hetero-compound Information Centre)
iHOP (Information Hyperlinked Over Proteins)
Morphing Server (Protein motion interpolating tool)
NetPhos 2.0 (Server to predict Ser, Thr and Tyr phosphorylation sites)
PlasMapper (Server to generate and annotate plasmid maps )
PDBsum (Pictorial database providing at-a-glance overview of every structure deposited in the PDB)
Protein Data Bank (RCSB)

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