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Tsai Laboratory

Houston, Texas

BCM is an internationally respected medical and research institution known for excellence in education, research and patient care.
Francis Tsai
not shown on screen


  • Chiung-Wen Chang - Postdoctoral FellowMary Chang E-mail:
    Postdoctoral Fellow,
    Ph.D. University of Queensland,
    Room: 315B; Phone: 713-798-8565.
  • Jungsoon Lee - Staff ScientistJungsoon Lee E-mail:
    Scientist (Staff),
    Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine,
    Room: 371A; Phone: 713-798-4376.
  • Jonathan Mercado - Predoctoral FellowJonathan Mercado E-mail:
    Predoctoral Fellow,
    B.S. University of Texas, Austin,
    Room: 371A; Phone: 713-798-4376.
  • Nuri Sung - Research AssociateNuri Sung E-mail:
    Research Associate (Staff),
    M.S. Gyeongsang National University,
    Room: 315B; Phone: 713-798-8565.
  • Francis Tsai - Principal Investigator Francis T.F. Tsai E-mail:
    Professor of Biochemistry,
    D.Phil. University of Oxford,
    Room: 315B; Phone: 713-798-8668.

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