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The HSC Phenotypes Database

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Associated with: Less is More: Unveiling the Functional Core of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Through Knockout Mice

Rossi L, Lin KK, Boles NC, Yang L, King KY, Jeong M, Mayle A, and M. A. Goodell (2012). Cell Stem Cell

Gene Expression Across Multiple Hematopoietic Lineages

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Associated with: Hematopoietic Fingerprints: An Expression Database of Stem Cells and Their Progeny.

Chambers, S. M., N. C. Boles, K. Y. Lin, M. P. Tierney, T. V. Bowman, S. B. Bradfute, A. J. Chen, A. A. Merchant, O. Sirin, D. C. Weksberg, M. G. Merchant, C. J. Fisk, C. A. Shaw and M. A. Goodell (2007). Cell Stem Cell 1: 578-591.