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Goodell Laboratory

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Goodell Lab
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Lab Life

Behind the scenes in the Goodell Lab

Eh he! --- so you're still checking out our lovely website, are you? Well, you've found the FUN part! The best thing about this lab is that we know how to have a good time, even as we work feverishly to unlock the mysteries of the hematopoietic stem cell.

Case in point, we recently had a lab mini-triathlon. Ten members of the lab participated, including the boss, who would like you to know that she finished a respectable 5th place and first place in the swim. We also do less strenuous activities. Today we had a delicious lab pot-luck lunch, highlighted by cucumbers from Wendy's garden and beautiful Korean sushi made by Mira.

A long-standing tradition in the lab is to dress up for Halloween. You can see a few of the themed costumes from years past below:

Fun in the Lab Photos

Annual Halloween Lab Celebrations

Wizard of Oz 2012

2012: The Wizard of Oz (look carefully at the Wicked Witch of the West)

2010 Halloween Greased Lightning 2011 Halloween Harry Potter

2010: Grease 2011: Harry Potter

Halloween - 2009 Halloween - 2008

2009: Star Wars 2008: Mario Brothers

Halloween 2007 Halloween - 2006

2007: The Simpsons 2006: Talledega Nights: Peggy Bobby

Halloween 2005 Alice in Wonderland Halloween 2004 The Pregnant Peggys

2005: Alice in Wonderland 2004: The Pregnant Peggys

Halloween 2003 80s rock Halloween 2002 Charlies Angels

2003: 80's Rock 2002: Charlie's Angels

Halloween 2001 Ghosts and Goblins

2001: Ghosts and Goblins

Other Lab Celebrations, Outings, and Retreats

Baby shower Goodell lab outing to Astros game

Goodell lab ladies night out Goodell lab members pictured at retreat

Picture inside the Goodell lab Lab covered in foil as a prank

Meat Pie contest Meat pie contest - digging into the pies

Goodell lab hosts a triathlon for fun and competition Triathlon winner 2009

Poetry is also a beloved tradition in our lab. View the full poetry collection.

The Seven P's

Poor prior planning predicts piss poor performance

--G. Challen, 2011

A Goodell Lab Christmas
A hush crept over the lab that night
As the stockings hung on the benchtops
Would they be filled up nice and tight
Or would they induce teardrops?

The Grad Student, a second-year
With a heart still full of hope
Had faith that Santa would bring
Projects to help cope.

The postdoc, always wary
Of anything that would derail
His hopes of quickly publishing
Had requested this in detail--

Namely, the emergence of
A nice story to tell
That would be accepted in
Science, Nature, or Cell.

The PI, on the other hand
Had many things on mind
Such as funding, meetings, presentations
And more things of that kind.

She hoped that her gift
Would be the MOST fun
That is, specifically
A perpetual R01.

The mice hoped Santa
Would come to their aid:
They simply wanted
To keep all of their legs.

--E. Bola, Dec 2007

Note: Current Lab Members may login to the Goodell Lab internal site to view more poetry, photo galleries and videos.

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