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Lab Projects

Lab Projects


Current research projects of the Papageorgiou Lab are:

  • To examine and understand the neural mechanisms of cortical reorganization in somatomotor, somatosensory, visual, and pain areas, with the goal to design treatments that will induce recovery of the impaired function.
  • To achieve long-term effects of individualized neurofeedback interventions at targeted cortical areas.
  • To compare functional changes (functional connectivity measures, rt-fMRI nFb training) with structural changes (diffusion tensor imaging, volumetric), as a function of learning (real-time fMRI neurofeedback longitudinal studies).
  • To optimize the rt-fMRI neurofeedback delivery using: (i) machine learning approaches, such as bayesian-based, support vector machine algorithms; (ii) MRI-compatible EEG to improve temporal resolution.
  • To develop a computational model through the acquisition of longitudinal data that will allow us to characterize the types of associative learning that occur in somatosensory, somatomotor, pain, and visual perception networks in healthy participants versus patients. The goal of this model is to understand the relationship between neuromodulation (magnitude and spatial extent) across brain areas.

The Papageorgiou Lab has available graduate student and postdoctoral positions.