Nuo Li Lab


Research Purpose


We use motor planning as a window into understanding the internal processes that govern cognition. The act of motor planning taps into multiple aspects of multiple aspects of flexible behavior, such as decision making and short-term memory. Our research seeks to mechanistically describe how neural circuits produce these phenomena. Electrical activity of neurons and cellular properties form the basis of neural circuits. Our research program aims to establish platforms upon which we can understand why and how genetic or cellular dysfunctions are linked to abnormal or maladaptive motor and cognitive behaviors in disease models.


Our Projects

  • Developing quantitative motor planning behaviors
  • Interactions between sensory cortex and motor cortex during motor planning
  • Circuit analyses of motor cortex during motor planning



Our work is funded by:

  • The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation
  • Whitehall Foundation
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Searle Scholars Program
  • Pew Scholars Program
  • Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain
  • NIH BRAIN Initiative
  • Kavli Foundation