Research Grants


Grant Award: NIA - RO1-AG059599
Study Title: Interaction of Mesenchymal and Myeloid Fibroblasts in Inflammatory-Based Fibrosis in the Aging Heart
Study Description: Examine cellular and molecular interactions between fibroblasts of two developmental origins (mesenchymal and myeloid) and potential rescue approaches to reduce diastolic dysfunction and cardiac fibrosis in the aging heart
Mark L. Entman, M.D.;; 713-798-4188
Katarzyna A. Cieslik, Ph.D.;; 713-798-4188

Grant Award: The Curtis and Doris K. Hankamer Foundation
Study Title: Researching the Aging Heart
Study Description: Utilize the technology of the genetically altered mouse to evaluate factors that may result in cardiac dysfunction in the infarct aging heart and identify potential remedial approaches
Mark L. Entman, M.D.;; 713-798-4188

Grant Award: The Medallion Foundation
Study Title: A Coordinated Approach Model for Identification of Unique Therapeutic Targets in the Study of Heart Failure
Study Description: Develop and refine technology to continuously follow the hemodynamics of heart failure as a function of time and intervention. Identify specific biological processes that have been associated with heart failure and the use of molecular technology to study potential targets involved in these processes.
Mark L. Entman, M.D.;; 713-798-4188