BCM Ventures: Maximizing Impact and Fostering Entrepreneurship

The goal of Baylor College of Medicine Ventures (BCM Ventures), Baylor's commercialization team, is two-fold: to maximize the impact of the innovative enterprise at the College by supporting the development and commercialization of the Baylor’s intellectual property assets into products and services that benefit the public, and, to foster the development of a culture of entrepreneurship where commercialization is viewed as a natural extension of the College’s  mission. 

Commercialization Network at Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine has dedicated resources that actively work together to catalyze commercialization of the college’s research assets. 

Baylor Licensing Group (BLG)

The Baylor Licensing Group (BLG) is “the agreements team” that negotiates many different agreements with industry partners, including license agreements, sponsored research agreements, material transfer agreements, and other agreements. Additionally, BLG coordinates patent filing and prosecution activities around the College’s IP assets.

BLG for Industry and Investors 
• BLG for Faculty Innovators 

BCM Technologies, Inc. (BCMT)

BCMT is Baylor's wholly-owned for-profit venture development subsidiary corporation. Baylor College of Medicine Technologies, Inc., is the “start-up company team” that provides services around company formation and strategy, which includes securing company management and seeking investment opportunities for companies in their portfolio. BCMT coordinates the innovative “podco” program at the College, whereby companies are formed and operated in a very capital-efficient manner to determine if there is a sustainable business opportunity.

Dan L Duncan Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR)

The Dan L Duncan Institute for Clinical & Translational Research (ICTR) contributes important resources to support clinical translation of many of our promising candidate technologies.

Roles and Responsibilities

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