Electrical stimulation may offer a unique treatment option to heal complicated wounds, reduce pain, improve blood flow, and accelerate wound healing. Electrical stimulation could have a positive effect on not only increasing blood flow in patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) but also could improve mobility and balance by reducing some neuropathy (loss of sensation in your feet) symptoms. The purpose of this project is to evaluate how electric stimulation to your feet help healing wounds in patients with DFU. This may help to reduce the pain and swelling of your foot by possibly helping your blood flow. In this study, we proposed to examine an investigational portable electrical stimulation platform (Tennant BiomodulatorĀ® by AVAZZIA) to accelerate wound healing and reduce pain.

Inclusion Criteria:
Diabetes Mellitus
One or more non-infected ulcers in the lower extremities
18-85 years old

Exclusion Criteria:
Gangrene or osteomyelitis
Pregnant, nursing or lactating
History of seizures


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Mar 25, 2019