The goal of this study is to test a new online intervention program for caregivers of children aged 18-48 months with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Participating families will be given access to a website for parents that may help teach children important skills for learning and communicating.

What do families need to do?

  • Come to the Texas Children’s Autism Center for two appointments, four months apart.
  • Fill out short questionnaires which will include information about you and your family, your opinions on parenting, and familiarity with some specific teaching methods.
  • Some families will get online materials right away, and some families will get the same materials after four months.
  • All families can continue any ongoing therapy/activities you are already doing with your child.
  • Parents will receive $100 upon completion of the study.


Kelli Baalman baalman@bcm.eduPhone 1: (832) 824-7704
IRB: h-44573




Jan 23, 2019