Researchers at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine are looking for mothers with Hispanic/Latino white or non-Hispanic/non-Latino white infants (3-4 months old) for a four-month-long nutrition study.

There will be three study visits and several internet surveys over the course of the study. Mothers will need to bring their infant with them for each visit and to describe her child's dietary intake throughout the study. Study visits will involve infant blood draws, breast milk sampling if mother is breastfeeding, and infant body measurements and skin scans.

Eligible participants that complete the study may receive up to $120 in grocery gift cards or a pre-paid credit card as well as complimentary parking at the Children's Nutrition Research Center for study visits. Interested mothers can contact Jocelyn Chang at to learn more and to determine if they may be eligible.

E-mail Jocelyn at to set up a screening phone call.

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Jocelyn  InfantFeeding@bcm.eduPhone 1: 713-798-0517
IRB: h-43692




Apr 09, 2019