A Two-Year, Randomized, Double-Masked, Multicenter, Three-Arm Study Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of RTH258 Versus Aflibercept in Subjects With Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The purpose of this study is to see how safe and effective an investigational drug, RTH258, is in people who have age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This is a disease associated with aging that gradually destroys sharp, central vision. Central vision is needed for seeing objects clearly and for common daily tasks such as reading and driving. The form of advanced AMD investigated in this clinical study is commonly referred to as wet AMD.

Study Doctors: Christina Weng, M.D., Ella Leung, M.D., and Tahira Scholle, M.D.

Study Contacts:

Wendy Blacutt
(713) 798-3493

Margaret Olfson
(713) 798-4037

For study details, please see Efficacy and Safety of RTH258 Versus Aflibercept.


Study CoordinatorsPhone 1: (713) 798-3493 Phone 2: (713) 798-4037
IRB: h-36501




Feb 23, 2015