Do you currently have postpartum depression? Do you have a baby one year old or younger? And are you 18 years or older? Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women and researchers at Baylor College of Medicine are interested in learning more about moms and babies. We are interested in how a natural hormone called oxytocin strengthens the relationship between mothers and their babies. This study will explore what happens in a mother’s brain as she sees her baby’s face, after receiving a nasal spray of oxytocin compared to a water-based spray.

Study Outline

The study will take place at Baylor College of Medicine and the Children’s Nutrition Research Center in the heart of the Texas Medical Center. The study will be divided into two separate visits during the first year of your baby’s life.

First Visit Mom and Baby

• Mom and baby will be videotaped while they play and interact.
• Mom will complete some questionnaires while pictures of baby are taken.
• $25 compensation given for this visit

Second Visit Mom only (no longer than one to two weeks after first visit)

• Three teaspoons of Mom’s blood will be drawn in order to determine oxytocin levels.
• Mom will receive a nasal spray containing oxytocin or water.
• Mom’s brain activity will be monitored using functional MRI while she is shown pictures of her own baby.
• $75 compensation given for this visit and a CD with pictures of mother’s brain taken during fMRI scan.

Parking will be provided for all study visits.

For more information or to participate in this study, please contact Ana Gonzalez at (713) 798-0388 or


Ana Gonzalez Ana.Gonzalez@bcm.eduPhone 1: (713) 798-0388
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Apr 02, 2014