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Houston, Texas

Representation of several types of stem cells
STaR Center
not shown on screen

About the Stem Cell Art and Artists

Stem cells, like the stem of a plant, grow and give rise to multiple differentiated cell types. Hence, the Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center has chosen this image to represent the concept of stem cells. Like a tree of life, stem cells regenerate and renew tissues and organisms with time. The leaves have been replaced with images from our daily lab work, representing embryology, flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and microarray profiling.

The artist, Stuart Chambers, is a graduate student in the STaR Center working on stem cells and aging. He also created the banner montage located at the top of the web site.

Joan Everds, the artist of the original image, is a fine art photographer and digital artist in Coronado, Calif. Her work can be seen at:

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