Mobility impairments can affect your urinary health in several different ways. The kidneys and bladder can be affected, the nerves that send messages from the brain to these organs can be affected, or you may have effects due to secondary conditions. The most common forms of bladder problems are discussed below, along with the goals of bladder health management, and finally, a brief overview of catheterization, a common form of bladder management.

  • Preserve kidney function – by making sure your bladder is emptied before it gets too full and that all the urine is emptied from the bladder every time you urinate.
  • Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – these will be talked about more later
  • Improve Quality of Life – by preventing bladder accidents, both for improved health and to lessen personal discomfort

Common Bladder Problems in Women with Mobility Impairments

Below are the three most common bladder problems in women with mobility impairments. Click the links to learn more about each!