Session 1: Welcome to GoWoman

  • About GoWoman
  • Second Life etiquette
  • Participant introductions
  • Program goals
  • Content overview

Session 2: Becoming a Fat/Calorie Detective

  • Disability and obesity
  • Monitoring your fat intake
  • Setting a personal fat gram goal

Session 3: Three Ways to Eat Less Fat


  • Tracking your weight
  • Strategies for reducing fat and calories
  • Portion size
  • Value of weighing and measuring foods
  • Tips for weighing and measuring foods
  • Suggestions for “Menu Make-overs”

Session 4: Problem Solving and Action Planning

  • Tips for healthy eating
  • Five steps for effective problem solving
  • Developing an action plan
  • Using the Internet for health information

Session 5: Talking Back to Negative Thoughts

  • Recognizing negative thoughts
  • Talking back to negative thoughts
  • Depression and weight gain
  • Abuse and weight gain

Session 6: Move Mindfully

  • Importance of being active
  • How to move mindfully
  • Choosing the right kind of exercise for you
  • Keeping track of your physical activity
  • Benefits of being physically active

Session 7: Being Active –A Way of Life

  • Choosing an active lifestyle
  • Keeping it safe
  • Doing safe and easy stretches

Session 8: MyPlate and Tipping the Calorie Balance

  • Introduce and discuss MyPlate
  • Tipping the calorie balance
  • Calories and disability
  • Setting a personal calorie goal
  • Action Planning

Session 9: Addressing Three Common Barriers to Healthy Eating

  • Living in a food desert
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Keeping control when others cook for you

Session 10: Take Charge of What’s Around You

  • Understanding cues or triggers that make us want to eat
  • Changing cues and habits
  • Using cues to promote physical activity
  • Internal cues affect our behavior
  • Sleep deprivation and weight loss effort

Session 11: Making Healthy Food Choices When Eating Out

  • Keys to healthy eating when eating out
  • Making healthy food choices when eating out
  • Eating healthy fast food

Session 12: The Slippery Slop of Lifestyle Change


  • Changes made so far
  • Progress towards your goals and roadblocks encountered
  • Issues that can complicate weight loss
  • Slips and how to handle them

Session 13: Jump Start your Activity Plan


  • Jump starting your routine, giving it new energy
  • Add variety to your physical activity routine to prevent boredom
  • Improve your aerobic fitness by using F.I.T.T. principles
  • Pay attention to how hard you are working

Session 14: Responding to Social Cues

  • The power of social cues and how we behave around other people
  • How to deal with social cues
  • Planning special events
  • Strategies to help stay on course and get other people involved to help you

Session 15: You Can Manage Stress

  • Stress and its causes
  • Ways to prevent and cope with stress
  • Handling stress related to the program
  • Stress from pain and fatigue

Session 16: Ways to Stay Motivated

  • Your progress
  • Ways to stay motivated
  • Planning for the future