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Houston, Texas

People discussing health of women with disabilities
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Women Living Well with Physical Limitations poster text in English

Women Living Well with Physical Limitations

Tips for staying active and healthy

1. Truly believe that you are a woman of value.

You have tremendous strength to conquer challenges. You are no stranger to hardship and that has made you wise.

2. Honor your body.

Whatever it takes, keep moving! Watch those fats and carbs. Listen to the signals your body is giving you and take action. Set realistic goals to make every day as healthy as possible.

3. Deny the myths.

Who says using a hearing aid, a cane, a scooter, a wheelchair is shameful?! It's OK to ask for help. Who says you can't be independent?! Explore new ways to get things done and preserve your independent state of mind.

4. Be a thread in the fabric of your community.

Social connections are the life blood of women. Whatever your limitations, it's worth the trouble to get out and around and forge new roles for yourself.

5. Demand answers.

Refuse to accept "That's to be expected." Make a list of questions before you go see your doctor. Don't give too much value to "the norm." You know what's right for you.

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