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Houston, Texas

People discussing health of women with disabilities
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Webcast outline, July 24, 2002

Health Promotion and the Prevention of Secondary Conditions in People with Disabilities

Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D., Beth Mastel-Smith, RN, MSN, and Heather Taylor, Ph.D.


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I. Review health in the context of disability

  • Definitions of health, health promotion, secondary conditions
  • Why this is important for people with disabilities

II. Some dismal statistics on the health of people with disabilities

III. 10 tips to better health:

  • Move around.
  • Respect the universal power of good nutrition.
  • Fill your lungs with fresh air instead of nicotine
  • The best substance to abuse is chocolate.
  • Catch it early, get your screenings done regularly.
  • Diffuse your stress
  • Challenge your mind.
  • Practice "empowerment medicine".
  • Stay connected.
  • Feed your faith in yourself; have realistic expectations.
  • "Towards oneness with the truth of mother universe."-Justin W. Dart, Jr.


The health promoting behaviors of people with disabilities are strongly influenced by psychological, social, and environmental factors on top of any physical limitations associated with disability. Many health problems affect us more seriously than the general population, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and depression. This presentation will offer findings from research on the health of people with disabilities and how we can improve and maintain our physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health.

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