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Houston, Texas

People discussing health of women with disabilities
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Welcome to the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities

Rosemary B. Hughes, Ph.D.Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D.

A hearty thanks to all our friends and colleagues who have waited so patiently for the latest news from our Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD).

With our new, expanded web site design we hope to:

  • serve as a clearinghouse for information about the health and wellness of women with disabilities
  • share information, generated from our studies over the past 13 years, plus information from, and links to, research conducted by our colleagues around the country
  • serve as a forum for networking among researchers, educators, clinicians, students, women with disabilities, and advocates.

There is a passion growing around our issues, and we aim to do the best we can to fan the fire!

We are in the process of developing new avenues for learning about the health of women with disabilities. So far we have posted tutorials on reproductive health information, gynecological considerations for primary care physicians, and improving health and wellness, with hopes of adding more in each topic area for continuing education credit.

The nurturing of students at all levels to pursue projects and careers in advancing the health of women with disabilities is one of our top priorities. We are particularly interested in promoting women with disabilities in this branch of the medical and behavioral sciences. For information on internships, fellowships, and distance mentoring opportunities with the CROWD faculty, please click on For Students.

We are on a journey of discovery, not only to uncover neglected problems, but also to identify solutions, interventions that can help women with disabilities improve their health, ways of dispersing information to the people who could benefit by it, and strategies for bringing these problems and solutions to light. We invite you to join us on this journey by sharing your ideas with us. As always, we welcome your suggestions, brutally frank criticism, and exalting praise. Just contact us!

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