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Independent Living:
Ventilator Users: IL and quality of life
Demonstrating a model approach to IL center-based assistive technology services
ILCs and Private Sector rehabilitationists: A dynamic partnership for implementing the ADA
The Evolution of IL Programs
The role of ILC in delivering rehabilitation services to rural communities
Independence among people with disabilities: I. A Heuristic model
Independence among people with disabilities: II. Personal Independence Profile
Delivering IL Services in rural communities
Perceived counselor credibility by persons with physical disabilities: Relationships between ILC and medical rehabilitation programs
Relationships between ILC and medical rehab programs
ILC programs: Impact of program age, consumer control, and budget on program operation
Levels of compliance with federal requirements in ILCs
Psychosocial independence and functional abilities: Their relationships in adults with severe musculoskeletal impairments

Personal Assistance Services:
Personal assistance: A key to employability
Life satisfaction of people with physical disabilities: Relationship to personal assistance disability status, and handicap.
Personal Assistance: Its effect on the long-term health of a rehabilitation hospital population
The use of personal assistance services by persons with spinal cord injury: Policy issues surrounding reliance on family and paid providers
Personal assistance services: The hub of the policy wheel for community integration of people with severe physical disabilities
The personal assistance dilemma for people with disabilities living in rural areas
Relationships between personal assistance and productivity among Japanese adults with severe physical disabilities
Personal assistance services: A review of the literature and analysis of policy implications
Personal assistance: Key to employability of persons with physical disabilities

Americans with Disabilities Act:
The effect of the Americans with Disabilities Act on the delivery of medical services
The impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Family Physicians

Minorities with Disabilities:
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