Our Services

Our Services

The service center gives research expertise consultation to help you design your experiments based on your specific needs. We provide a variety of metagenomic services in the lab, including 16S rRNA gene sequencing, qPCR, 18S rRNA gene sequencing / ITS sequencing, metagenomic whole genome shotgun sequencing, microbial RNA/transcriptome sequencing, and viral metagenomic sequencing.


Before shipping samples, the CMMR can provide consultation services to help with study design and implementation, statistical analysis, data management and sample analysis. We also offer guidelines and best practices for standardizing sample collection, handling, storage, preparation, extraction and shipment.


Once decided on the number of samples and the type of service and analysis you want your sample data to be, the CMMR will forward you a 30-day valid quote with the description of work, unit price and total price. 

Purchase Order

A valid Purchase Order (PO) encompassing the entire cost of the quoted project must be received prior to samples being analyzed.


We provide guidelines for best shipping practices of your samples and once they arrive, we will contact you to confirm their condition. Remember that you are responsible for all costs associated with shipping. Please complete the Chain of Custody and Inspection Form and the Metadata Capture Form before sending the samples.


The timeline for a project depends on many variables, including the number of samples, the pipeline requested, the depth of sequencing, and type of analysis. Below is a chart outlining the rough estimates for data delivery and pricing. 


After processing the samples and analyzing the data with our bioinformatics pipeline, we will contact you to discuss the results. The deliverables will be discussed and agreed upon at the initiation of the collaboration. A detailed invoice will be provided after data is delivered. The CMMR will forward you a 90-day valid link with results included.

CMMR Services



16S sequencing

4-6 weeks

ITS sequencing

8-10 weeks

Metagenomics WGS sequencing

6-8 weeks

Complete genome sequencing (PacBio)

4-5 weeks

Virome sequencing

6-8 weeks

Microbial RNASeq

6-8 weeks

Request a Service

To effectively support your research, our services will send your final data embedded in the 'Dashboard' and 'Atima' software. You will be able to access your data with links to these softwares, which will allow you to explore the relationships between microbial communities and emergent properties of their hosts or environments. 

1. Get a Free Quote

For quotation requests and questions, contact us by email (Project Manager) or use the online contact us system.

2. Complete Two Forms

Chain of Custody and Sample Inspection form

Metadata Capture Form

3. Place Your Order

Orders can be placed by email with a formal PO (Purchase Order) after receiving a formal quote.

4. Ship Your Samples

Ship your samples to: 

Department of Molecular Virology & Microbiology
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza
MS BCM385, Room 825E
Houston, TX 77030