Sample Shipment

Biological samples should be considered to be potentially infectious and handled using universal precautions . Improperly packaged or leaking samples will be rejected. Packages should be shipped using an overnight courier and deliveries should be performed on weekdays (Baylor College of Medicine does not receive deliveries on weekends or holidays). Paraffin-embedded samples can be sent using the U.S. Postal Service.

All samples should be clearly labeled according to the Chain of Custody and Inspection Form and Metadata Capture Form, which must be clearly completed to allow definitive identification of the sample and the analysis requested. Failure to fully complete the forms may delay analysis. 

Sample Shipment Requirements

Sample Type

Shipment type

Frozen samples

Dry ice

Refrigerated samples

Dry ice 

Formalin-fixed samples

Room temperature in protective containers (e.g. polystyrene boxes or reinforced boxes containing polystyrene chips)

Paraffin-embedded samples

Room temperature in sterile tubes inside padded envelopes or a box

DNA/RNA Extraction

Our laboratory is fully prepared to perform high quality DNA/RNA extraction using advanced kits to ensure successful downstream application. We have the capacity to run large number of sample extraction efficiently and accurately with the support of robotics in house that are compatible with nucleic acid sample preparation technologies and chemistries. We offer extraction services for a wide variety of sample types. If you have specific requirements, please contact us

Sample Requirements for Illumina Sequencing

Samples for sequencing procedures should meet Illumina requirements. If your samples do not meet the sample submission requirements, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.