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Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research


Principal Investigator

Joseph Petrosino, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


  • 713-798-7912

Functional genomics of biodefense and emerging infectious disease pathogens

Postdoctoral Fellows

Elicia Dawn Grace, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate


  • 713-798-5979

Graduate Students

Embriette Alicki 

Andrea Kathleen Nash

Research Assistant (GS)

Tyler Jordan McCue

Diane Smith Hutchinson

Predoctoral Fellow (GS)

Role of the microbiome in human health

Lisa Michelle Atkins

Research Assistant (GS)

Matthew Clayton Ross

Research Assistant (GS)



Auriole Testar Tamegnon, B.S.

Tech, Research II

Lenka Kusic

Tech, Research II

Lauren Drake Railey, M.S.

Tech, Research II

Tonya Lynn Bauch, B.S.

Tech, Research II

Tulin Ayvaz, M.S., M.S., B.S.

Research Asst I



Matthew C Wong, B.S.

Programmer, Bioinf II

Xiangjun Tian

Research Associate

Daniel Patrick Smith, Ph.D

Programmer, Bioinf II

Michael Holder

Programmer/Anlst, Sr

Project Manager


Nadim Jose Ajami

Research Associate

Administrative Assistant


Megan Lee Coombs, B.S.

Admin Asst, Sr, LI


  • 713-798-5867