CMMR Funds to Support Pilot Projects

The Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research (CMMR) announces the availability of funds to support pilot projects in the area of innovative or functional examination of microbiome influences on host health. This funding mechanism is aimed at stimulating collaborative interactions between existing members of the CMMR and the Baylor College of Medicine community.  To this end, there are two award categories:

(1) Discovery and Innovation awards (up to $10,000) are available to researchers to support bold and innovative microbiome related projects that have not been previously funded or published with no requirement of preliminary data. These awards are intended to support innovative ideas involving host-microbiome relationships and ways to manipulate the microbiome to improve human health.  

(2) Functional and Mechanistic awards (up to $25,000) are available for those who wish to elucidate the mechanistic impact of microbes or their products on specific health and disease states. 

In both cases, awards will be made for FY17 that will support the generation of preliminary data needed for applications for federal funding. Applications are therefore encouraged to clearly address how pilot funds will support applications for external funding, feasibility of utilizing funds in FY17 and financial need for the project (cover page). 

Eligibility:  All proposals that include collaborations between CMMR faculty and Baylor College of Medicine faculty appointed at the level of instructor or higher are eligible. 

Use of Funds: Pilot funds are intended to support experimental and reagent costs, rather than personnel related expenses.  All proposed core-related services (e.g. sequencing, qPCR, cultivation, etc.) will be carried out by the CMMR cores.   

Additional Information

For additional information please contact CMMR faculty:

Petrosino Lab:
Nadim Ajami
Russ Carmical 
Joseph Petrosino 

Britton Lab:
Rob Britton
Jennifer Auchtung 

Diehl Lab:
Gretchen Diehl 

Hyser Lab:
Joseph Hyser

Samuel Lab:
Buck Samuel

Key Points:

Awards (between three-six expected):

  • Discovery and Innovation: up to $10,000
  • Functional and Mechanistic: up to $25,000

Application Content: