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Division of Molecular Imaging

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
Division of Molecular Imaging
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How Do We Operate the Center?

Rarely is small animal imaging “routine,” especially when molecular imaging using optical or nuclear imaging agents is performed. Investigators wishing to perform imaging in the Frensley Imaging Center make an appointment with the Center faculty and staff to discuss study design relative to research objectives.

If the imaging study is feasible, a research plan is prepared and the number of animals and cost to accomplish the studies is estimated.

Studies are generally completed on an “at-cost” or “fee-for-service” basis. Actual imaging is performed collaboratively by Frensley staff and faculty with investigator participation. Investigator participation is strongly encouraged, but not necessary.

Educational lecture and seminar series discussing imaging technologies and new imaging chemistries are regularly provided to the community in order to help investigators and their staff recognize the unique and specialized opportunities that small animal imaging can bring to their research programs.

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