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Division of Molecular Imaging

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
Division of Molecular Imaging
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When using a beta emitter such as Fluorine-18 or Copper-61, tomographic images can be collected using the Siemens Inveon system which provides the highest commercially available 3-dimensional image resolution. The LSO-based system provides greater than 10% sensitivity in the center of the field of view and is expected to deliver less than 1.4 mm FWHM spatial resolution in images reconstructed using the filtered back projection algorithm. An axial FOV of 12.7 cm can be extended to 50 cm using continuous movement of the animal into the imaging gantry. MicroCATTM II system, simultaneous respiratory and cardiac gating,temperature controlling, and animal monitoring is also provided through a BioVet physiological system.

In addition, an Accusampler automated blood sampler is used for accurate automated blood sampling and pharmacokinetic modeling of tracer distribution.

The use of nuclear probes to image gene reporters as well as expression of disease markers is well established in the literature. The faculty and staff at the Frensley Center will help investigators chose the most appropriate method for nuclear imaging that is pertinent to their research goals.

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