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    The GI Research Forum

    GI Research Forum
    The TMC DDC’s weekly GI Research Forum is designed to encourage interactions among basic and clinical investigators. DDC members may present research results, clinical studies, and work-in-progress in an informal setting that will be conducive to discussion and information exchange. As part of this program, national leaders in GI research are often invited to speak to the group. Any member of the DDC may suggest seminar speakers and act as faculty host, after approval by the Internal Advisory Committee of the DDC.
    Seminar Series
    The DDC-sponsored seminar series aims to be an important mechanism for drawing GI investigators together with a rich and varied list of speakers who are highly beneficial to GI trainees and researchers in the Medical Center area of Texas. By the judicious selection of speakers, a breadth of GI-related basic and clinical topics is covered.

    (2015) 6th Annual: Frontiers in IBD 2015
    (2014) 5th Annual:  The Gut Microbiome in GI Health & Disease
    (2013) 4th Annual: Stem Cells in GI Health & Disease
    (2011) 3rd Annual: Epigenetics in GI Health and Disease
    (2010) 2nd Annual: Infection in GI Health and Disease
    (2009) 1st Annual: Inflammation and GI Research

    Below is the TMC DDC’s current academic calendar of the GI Research Forum.  Please note that the forum takes place every Thursday at 4:00 pm on the Baylor College of Medicine campus in the DeBakey Building, Room M112 unless otherwise stated. 
    Questions regarding the GI Research Forum or suggestions for potential topics and speakers can be directed to Noah Shroyer, Ph.D., head of our Research Forum Committee or Sara Tristan, TMC DDC Administrator.

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    Seminars | Past Seminars | Annual Forum