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    List of Current DDC Members

    Membership in the DDC is open to clinicians and researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas Health Science Center/Houston, the University of Texas Medical Branch/Galveston and their affiliated institutions who have an interest in GI Research. There are three levels of membership:

    (1) A full member of the Center is a full-time faculty member at an academic institution in the TMC who is primarily committed to conducting outstanding research in the area of gastrointestinal development, infection and injury. Full members are expected to participate regularly in Center activities, and to play a leading role in enhancing the research as well as training of other investigators with interests in GI research. All full members are key investigators for the DDC and they have three additional criteria: all full members have externally, peer-reviewed GI-related research funding, are actively involved in GI-research related to the theme of the Center and have interacted with at least one other key investigator.

    (2) Associate members are defined as junior faculty who are developing their GI research careers or established faculty whose research and expertise complement the theme of our Center. Some Associate members are working in the area of the theme of our Center but are not funded at the present time. Associate members are encouraged to apply for the Pilot and Feasibility (P/F) program if eligible per NIDDK guidelines and to use the Center Core facilities. Through support from the Center, it is hoped that these investigators might develop their research programs and make a more substantial commitment to GI research that will help the Center achieve its goals.

    (3) Affiliate members are defined as faculty or other research personnel in the TMC or Galveston who would like to receive information about the DDC but do not fully or actively participate in the activities of the Center.

    All members are encouraged to use the DDC Core Facilities in their grant applications, as the Cores provide high quality, efficient, cost-effective research services. The Internal Advisory Committee of the DDC gives approval for Membership. Membership status is reviewed annually.

    Membership in the DDC offers many benefits, including:
    Members receive information related to GI research and research opportunities;
    Members have access to DDC Cores;
    Members can obtain guidance/help with grant applications and research challenges from other members [including our internal advisory committee (IAC) members];
    Members are contacted directly about opportunities for new, collaborative studies or methods developed in our Cores that come to the attention of the IAC.

    Membership Application
    Acrobat PDF

    List of Current DDC Members

    Contact Sara Tristan, TMC DDC Administrator, at escamill@bcm.edu or 713-798-2236 for questions.